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The Droplet Project - What is it?

While I may not be a Web 1.0 native, I yearn for a time when people bouncing between small sites without the middleman of social media was the norm. The Droplet Project is my personal, albeit low-effort, attempt to bring back those times.

The basic idea is this: If you link to my page, I'll link to yours. It's that simple. Just shoot me a message at admin@jonbot.org, I'll check out your page, and I'll throw up a link!

What if I don't have a website?

Well, make one! Nowadays it's simpler that ever -- while I may be doing it the hard way, with a box sitting next to me and writing out each document by hand, it's easier than ever to launch your own website! There's both free and premium software and services to choose from. Wordpress and Squarespace come to mind, but if you don't want to delve into the code, you'll want to look into either "drag and drop" or "WYSIWYG" design.

However, if you do want to delve in head-first, this website is being run on Apache and almost entirely written in plain old HTML. If you want to start out, W3Schools is going to be your best friend. In addition, basically every desktop browser has a whole host of features for both dissecting and debugging any page you can load up. Most corporate pages are auto-generated nonsense, but smaller sites should be pretty easy to poke around in. Once you know what you're looking for, you can really start pushing the boundaries of what websites will let you do ;) To access these tools, simply right-click and hit "Inspect"

If ever you want to see how one of my pages are built, you can always right-click and hit "View Page Source". I try to keep my HTML very readable, not only because I think legible code is a public good, but because I've gotta write all this stuff :P

Happy surfing,
-- Dragonn